Well, this is it!  I’m taking the plunge into the wild world of blogging, joining the millions of people contributing their thoughts and opinions to the maelstrom of information permeating our planet.


Because I have thoughts and opinions too, and I’ve found quite frequently that my thoughts and opinions differ in most ways from the general populace in a way that people appreciate.

I’ll share what I think about books.  I’m a voracious reader and my favorite categories are middle grade and young adult novels.  I’ll wade into the murky world of young adult fiction and find the gems among the trashy paranormal romances.  I love discussing books and I hope to hear about your favorite books too.

I love cooking, and being creative when I cook, although to be honest, my fiancé is much better than I am at creating delicious meals without a recipe.  So I’ll share some of his recipes too (if I can get him to write them down and use measuring spoons!).  We’ll work at it together.  I also deal with some health challenges and I’ll share what that looks like for me and maybe it can help some of you as well.

I have a desire to create beauty in many forms.  I sew, write, build, and will generally attempt almost any form of creative expression at least once.  I’ll share my adventures with you and look forward to hearing about your creative endeavors.

And then there’s life.  Currently my life looks rather chaotic.  I’m working part-time at the public library, job searching, launching a blog, planning a wedding, preparing to become a wife and step-mother, preparing for a move from South Dakota to Indiana, and savoring my remaining moments being an aunt, sister, granddaughter, and daughter with my family in South Dakota.  These will be the more personal posts for my expression and processing, and I invite you to share life with me.

This was the quote that WordPress graciously put on my introductory post, and I like it, so I think I’ll keep it:

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Thanks for joining me.

P.S. This is the picture WordPress also provided for my first post.  Let’s think of it as a sunrise, k?post

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