This was one of the books I read on my 14 hour ride to Indiana this last month (I didn’t have to drive at all!!!) It was the last book I got read before my cellphone died – I was using it as a flashlight to read by and by fortuitous circumstance, it died right as I finished the last page.  I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t been able to finish this book because it was good!


Eliza Mirk is a senior in high school, a loner, a geek, whose preferred fashion style is hoodies.  What most people don’t know about her is that she’s also LadyConstellation, creator of the hugely popular webcomic Monstrous Sea.  Her real life gets complicated when her online persona is revealed.

My thoughts:

I really liked it.  It explored the costs of creating – how your creation can devour you if you let it.  Eliza was so consumed with Monstrous Sea that she was leading a very unhealthy life and it wasn’t until disaster struck that she was able to separate herself from Monstrous Sea and realize how far down the rabbit hole of self-destruction her creation had taken her.  It also slightly addressed the issues of online anonymity and how that can be stripped away in a second.  She wrestled with issues of what to do when the spark of creativity dies – how to stay motivated to keep creating.

I connected with this on many levels.  I always felt like a social outcast, not really able to connect with my peers because I felt so different from them.  I always had dreams of being this wildly successful person who was completely anonymous – like writing books using a pseudonym.  And all too often I feel like my well of creativity has run dry, and I don’t want to do anything.  This book showed me that times like that are normal, and ok, and you can work through them.  It also convicted me of times when I have not done a very good job taking care of myself for the sake of a creative vision, and times when I have neglected important relationships because I was too wrapped up in a cloud of creative excitement.  This a good book to read to both be entertained and regain some perspective.

Objectionable Content:

Very little.  Eliza does meet a boy, and they start dating.  Some physical touching and kissing is described, but nothing overtly sexual.  Suicide is an issue that is brought up and discussed several times.  Once a character’s father’s suicide is talked about, once another character debates and rejects the idea of killing herself.

Overall a very good read, in my opinion.  Have you read it?  What are you thoughts?

Full disclosure: clicking the picture above will take you to the Amazon page for the book where you can read more reviews and purchase the book if you’d like.  I receive a percentage of the sale, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to pay more for the book than you normally would.  It just helps me out.  Thanks!


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