Well, it’s Sunday evening.

How did I do on my goal you ask?  Did I get the bodice put together by tonight?

Thank you for asking!  I did!!!  Not only did I get the bodice done (well, almost done, I need to stitch one more thing) I also got the skirt mostly cut out too!  I ran out of organza so I’ll need to get more when I get to town next, but I’m not too worried about finding more to match it exactly.

After I finished the bodice yesterday I sealed the edges of the lace with a candle today.  THAT was scary.  Yes, I may have set my wedding dress on fire once or twice…or three times.  Fine.  It was a lot of times.  Fortunately I could trim the damage off and you won’t even be able to tell!

Then I got to the fun stuff…not.  Math.  Ugh.  I love circle skirts, but the math part is difficult for me.  I’m a words person, not a numbers person.  Fortunately, I came across this handy little site on Pinterest and I love it!  It does all the numbers work for me!  It also tells me that all the skirts I want to make won’t fit on a standard 45″ or 60″ width of fabric, but there’s ways around that.  Some super detailed and professional sketches later…


And I was ready to get cutting!  I chose to spread the fabric out on the living room floor, because it’s the biggest surface in my house to cut large pieces of fabric on – and these were large!


I used pattern weights to hold down the fabric as I cut.  I love these handy little devices.  So simple and yet so effective.


I had thought about drawing out the lines to cut on but quickly realized that my fabric was just too flimsy for that.  So I just cut it.


Since all the pieces were circle skirts I needed to stay stitch the tops before they got too stretched out – with all that tulle and organza it was like sewing a cloud (an imaginary puffy cloud, not one full of moisture and tiny particles of dirt and all that stuff).

Since I ran out of organza I’ll need to cut some more sometime later this week before I can put it all together.  I’ll give you hints of the finished project, but no pictures because my darling fiancé might just read this.

I hope your weekend was as productive or as relaxing as you hoped it would be!  Oh!  I also got a book finished today!  I’ll get it posted about later this week… I’m going to bed!


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