Yet even in our instant culture sometimes we just have to wait.  We have to wait for our cardboard pizzas to bake.  We have to wait at the doctor’s office.  We have to wait for a five year old to painstakingly tie his shoes.  Waiting is just part of life.

Recently I’ve feel like I’ve been waiting on God.  Waiting for Him to move, to show me the next step, to reveal more of His plan for me.  Waiting on God is not easy.  It’s stressful because most of the time I think I know better than He does, so I try to force it – to make it happen on my own.  That’s pride.  And that’s a sin.  Like the verse says, pride goes before a fall.  And I fell.  Not as hard as I could have fallen – there are worse scenarios I can envision – but still, it hurt.  It was not pleasant or comfortable to realize how much I thought I knew more than God about me and my needs.  I am so thankful that God has grace and mercy on me, to deal with me gently in reminding me that I simply need to sit down, be still, and wait and see what He is going to do.

I forget.  Again.  So again, God has grace on me in providing me with wise counsel.  They remind me that waiting is ok.  This morning I had a conversation with a friend who is becoming dearer to me every time we talk.  We discussed how long ago courtship was conducted with handwritten letters.  There were no phones, or instant messenger to convey thoughts and feelings and ideas.  You sat down, penned your letter, sent it off, then waited until a reply finally came.  What was that waiting like?  Then I thought about military families today, where a spouse is deployed for months or years at a time and is unable to instantly communicate with loved ones back home.  I can’t imagine how hard that is.

If you are waiting on God, know that you’re not alone.  Find people to encourage you and walk the long road of waiting with you.  I’m with you.  I don’t have any idea what lies ahead for me or for you, but if you are walking with God, I know with all my heart that it will be better than we can ever imagine.

Stay busy.  And then relax.  Contrary advice, yes?  What I mean by this is to embrace the wait.  Learn to be comfortable with being in limbo.  I know, limbo is not a fun place to be in. Look for the joyous moments.  Focus on the tasks at hand.  Do what is immediately set before you to accomplish.  I have been feeling for a few months now that I need to quit my job.  I feel like I have been mentally preparing for that day when I can say “I’m done.”  But that day isn’t tomorrow.  It probably isn’t even this week.  And that’s ok.  While I’m there I’m going to work to the best of my ability, as if I am working for God, not for men, because I know that I will receive an inheritance from the Lord.  But I have adjusted my work schedule so I can meet regularly with my mentor.  I’m learning to take care of myself during this season of waiting.  To still my soul before God so I don’t miss anything He has for me amid the busyness of life.

If you are waiting, take heart!  God has not forgotten you.

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