Guys, I have strep throat.

Strep is awful.  I know it’s not the worst illness I could get – stomach flu is pretty high up there on my list of least-favorite, non-life-threatening illnesses, but strep is pretty bad.  It knocks me out.  Sometimes literally – I have fainted before when I’ve had strep.  I haven’t yet this time, and I’m already on medication, so here’s hoping I don’t wake up on the floor wondering how I got there with a lump on my head.

I was doing so good too – I mean, I haven’t been this physically sick since the day after we got engaged last December.  Everyone in my family has gone down in the past two months with the flu, or sinus infections, or really bad colds and I’ve managed to skate along not letting any of the germs get a foothold in my system.  Three people in Optimus have been sick – pretty sure this strep is from one of them, but I’ve been working with them for three weeks without so much as a sniffle.

Being sick makes everything ten times worse.  I haven’t really gone down – my brain isn’t functioning enough to even listen to lies, but I may have spent some time in the chair today crying because I felt so bad and just wanting to be held.  My family is good and I love them – but I’m trying to stay away from them so that they don’t get this, although my brother did drive me to the doctor this afternoon.  Sorry.

Again, I just want Trent.  No, not to give him strep throat in revenge for breaking up with me – not even that deserves feeling this miserable.  He just made everything feel better.  He took very good care of me, even from 14 hours away, and always encouraged me to take better care of myself.  One of his first actions as an engaged-to-me man was to rub my feet with oil, which was super sweet and very funny because I am extremely ticklish, to help me feel better.  It worked.  I had a cold the last time I saw him in May and he was so concerned about me feeling better and getting enough rest.  We took a nap together on the recliner in his parent’s living room and although I didn’t sleep at all (he snores) I felt so much better just resting my head on his chest and hearing his heart beat.

Strep makes my mind do funny things.  I very nearly texted him today, asked a question that’s been on my mind for a while.  And no, it wasn’t “can we get back together?”  I was already scrolling through my messages to find his thread but God said “No Anessa, you let Me deal with him,” quite sternly, so I put my phone down and cried a little bit more.

I am already feeling a bit better.  My fever is down .8 degrees, so that’s a plus.  I can swallow without feeling like I’m being stabbed in the throat with a knife – it’s more like a mean pinch now.  I’m taking the medication the doctor gave me and I’m running all the diffusers in the house with all the essential oils I could find that Pinterest said would help strep (oregano, Thieves, and lemon, mainly).  I’m also taking all the immune-boosting substances I can find: elderberry syrup, echinacea, Vitamin D, honey, lemon ginger tea, etc.  I felt really bad about leaving work early today, but I did work five hours, and I already had two extra hours accumulated this week from going in early, so for today I only have to make up one hour.  But the doctor said I couldn’t go to work tomorrow, so I’m going to have a few hours to make up.  All my coworkers were urging me to go home by 11 – apparently I looked that bad already by then, but I stayed until I finished my sheet at 12:30 because we have a deadline.  Goodbye overtime this week.

I’ll get better, I know I will.  We’ll see about going to Pilates on Monday though.  Apparently that’s partially to blame because I overdid it, my iron levels dropped, and your immune system needs iron to function properly, or something like that.  I haven’t worked out since Monday – and now the doctor said to take it easy this weekend.

Today is not really a winning day, but I did read a book, so that was good.

And things I’m thankful for: being able to get in at the doctor on the day I got sick.  Getting on drugs right away so I don’t get too sick.  Work being very understanding.  My boss was just like “don’t worry about it, go home and feel better.”  My niece and nephew understanding that I feel really bad, taking care of me (my nephew tried to take my temperature… with a rectal thermometer.  No, I didn’t let him put it in my mouth or where it was intended to be used.), and letting me rest.  My sister making supper, even when she really didn’t have time to do it.  My brother courageously exposing himself to my germs and driving me to town.  My mom rubbing my back with oil this morning, which enabled me to get to work and get something done.  And my bed.  My lovely comfortable bed that I really should crawl back into for a nice long sleep.

Which I’m going to go do again now.  I feel so lazy, so I’m writing a blog post to combat that feeling.


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