Hey everybody!  Merry Christmas!  I hope that you and yours are enjoying this holiday season immensely.

This isn’t a regular post.  I mean, I am wishing all of you, my faithful blog readers, a very merry Christmas.  But, this post is the kick-off of a Christmas present to my sisters-in-law.  When my sister got married I made a recipe book for her of quite of few of our favorite family recipes and some from her new family’s favorites list.  She really appreciated it and since then I’ve been privileged to welcome two new sisters into our family, but I didn’t make them recipe books like I made for my sister.

For one reason, times have changed.  I don’t know about you, but I almost never go to an actual physical cookbook for a recipe anymore.  I go to Pinterest.  I love finding new recipes on Pinterest but, the recipes I find there aren’t our traditional, lovingly hand-written recipes that tell how to make food that my brothers sometimes crave.  I didn’t want to create another item for my sisters-in-law to have to find a place for, I wanted to give them a resource they could go to at any time and find what they were looking for.

Also, I’m not a food blogger.  That’s not why I started this blog.  I know, there is a “Sustenance” tab up there.  That’s because when Trent and I started this blog, our dream was to create and share recipes because Trent is brilliant at creating delicious meals.  I’m alright at it – definitely not as good as he is.  I’ve never put anything in that tab until now because it was always something that I wanted he and I to do together.  I’ve actually thought “Oh, I should just delete that tab.”  I’m still not a food blogger – very few (if any) of these recipes will be original – and I’ll be sure to tell you where I got them.  I’m not even sure of the right format or anything.  And there probably won’t be mouth-watering pictures because I’m just going to put them up and not re-make them just so I can get pictures.  Besides, taking beautiful pictures of food was more Trent’s thing anyway.

So, without further ado, I’m going to hit “publish” on this and a whole bunch of previously created recipe blog posts.

Merry Christmas, my dear sisters!  I hope you enjoy!

Posted by:anessamarie

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