Hello February!


Wow, January flew by.  Having a major deadline at work due January 31st will do that to you.  My most hours worked in a week in January was 54 and I never dipped down to only 40.  Whew.  I’m taking today off, because I really need to (even though the next deadline is already looming…).

So yes, February.  The love month.

Just so you know, I’m very much not against love, obvi.  I want romantic love.  I’m just having to wait for it a bit longer than most people in my social circle.  But this month can be a bit of a brutal reminder that I don’t have much in the way of human romance in my life right now.  So I want to be proactive in focusing on what I do have this month, because guys, I have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings that bring me joy.

I’m launching an initiative called “Little things that add to my happy.”  It’s mostly on Facebook.  I was going to make it a personal thing – just post a picture of something that makes me happy every day.  But when I ran the idea past my mentor she loved it and suggested I expand it a bit.  So I’m including you!  If you’d like to see the little things that make me happy every day I’ll be sharing them on my Not Your Normal Facebook page too.  I’m probably not going to write a new blog post about what adds to my happiness every day because time.  But hm, maybe this is when I need to branch out into Instagram or Twitter or something.  I have it.  You can follow me on it.  Now I just need to figure out how to post on it.

But, I digress.  I’m focusing on what I have that adds to my happiness this month because there are so many things that bring me happiness and joy, and it’s not always the big things, like people, that bring me the most joy.  People are complicated – they greatly add to happiness, but they can also contribute mightily to sadness and pain.  So I’ll try very hard not to post people.  Honestly, it might be a lot of work stuff, because I really like my job and it adds to my happiness almost daily.

Also, I was going to call it “Little things that make me happy” but that makes it sound like my happiness is only determined by my environment or circumstances – that I’m relying on external things (or people) to make me happy.  That takes too much control away from God.  He is the source of my joy and happiness.  Therefore external things (or people) can only add to or subtract from the sum of happiness He has already given me.  I’m still learning and figuring out this joy He gives.  I’m probably still too reliant on my environment and circumstances to maintain my level of joy rather than on Him, but I’m trying and asking Him for help.  I really truly want Him to be my everything.

Alright, I think that’s enough introduction.  Head over to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or wherever to find out what my first two additions to happiness were this month!

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