At work we’re doing a fitness challenge.  Because we need more to do…  (jk, it’s crazy busy like always).

But seriously, I think it is helping my co-workers’ and my sanity levels.  It gives us something to talk about other than looming deadlines and how we need more people in my department.  We go on a walk during every break: inside if it’s nasty outside, outside when it’s nice outside.  Today I got slightly sunburned on our walk!

The fitness challenge is judged by a point system.  We all had to pay into it to participate, so there will be prizes awarded for the top point getters.  Every week there’s your normal drink 64 oz. of water, eat fruits and vegetables, don’t drink pop, etc., that’ll net you a few points for doing daily.  Then there’s always a big activity for major points.  Like this last week if we posted something inspirational or motivational to the group’s Facebook page we got 50 points.  I posted this:Image may contain: text

This week the big point activity is to create a vision board and share it with the group.

Confession: I had to look up what a vision board was.  And once I’d received the answer from my magic answer box I felt kind of let down.  To me they seem messy and disorganized.  So maybe I’ll lay out my vision board here, describe what I want my life to look like, in an orderly manner.  Maybe I’ll share this with the group, maybe I won’t because I don’t feel like sharing all this personal stuff with all my coworkers.  You guys are ok, I don’t mind baring my dreams and goals to you.  We’ve been through a lot together, you and I.  I’ve only ever nodded a “hello” to Jacob from Engineering.

I’m giving this vision board thing a shot because honestly, I feel like my life has stopped.  I go to work, come home, and get get ready to go to work again.  But, going down that track just takes me down, so let’s get visioning!  Well, health-visioning anyway (it’s as good a place as any to start…)

Ride the Mickelson Trail this fall.

I wanted to do this last year after my summer of riding bike almost every day.  But then my grandma died and threw my plans all out of whack.  I’m ok with that.  I’m glad Grandma is in heaven with Grandpa and her sons and her Savior.  My plans got delayed a year.  Not a big deal.  We have a big project at work right now that I’m co-lead for, and the deadline for our part of the process is August 20.  We’re going to beat that deadline.  It will mean very long hours between now and then.  So as a reward for working my butt off all summer I’m going to take a few days off, head to the Hills with my family, and ride the Mickelson Trail.  I rode it once, seven years ago with my sister.  It was a blast.  We rode it in two days (she set the pace) and it was fabulous.

This picture is a little misleading, because this was the first day of the ride. We started at the end, technically, and rode to the beginning. Less uphill that way.

Conquer Anemia

I’ve been feeling more anemic lately and it sucks.  I hate feeling lethargic, old, and weak.  I’ve been doing more research about anemia and realized that I really have had anemia most of my life.  Like when I stand up I black out – not to the point of passing out (at least, not very often) but everything goes dark and there’s a buzzing in my ears. It actually doesn’t happen that often now, but when I was in high school, oh yeah, all the time.  Also, restless leg syndrome.  My mother would get all annoyed with me whenever I sat next her in church or someplace and crossed my legs because my leg would bounce all. the. time.  When I’m laying in bed my feet move almost constantly.  This winter when it was really cold I layered up my blankets and it was almost like a weighted blanket.  I slept so well.  I could not believe how refreshed I felt every morning and now I wonder if that’s because the weight of the blankets was finally holding my legs still.  I never connected those dots before – I just thought moving my legs all the time was a way I burned calories.  Ha.  My body’s not that altruistic. 

So I’m working on upping my iron intake beyond my prenatal vitamin I take every day.  It says it’ll give me 100% of my daily iron needs, but since I’m still feeling anemic, I tend to doubt that.  And before you ask “why aren’t you taking an iron supplement?” I’ll let you know I’m not opposed to that, but no doctor has ever prescribed one to me, not even the doctor who diagnosed me with anemia and I’m not just going to trot over to Amazon, pick out a good-looking iron supplement and self-medicate.  Too much iron is dangerous too.  Apparently I’m so borderline that my iron needs should be met by my vitamins and diet.  Right now I’m consciously choosing foods that I know are high in iron like blackstrap molasses, raisins, black beans, and I’m hoping to get steak into our weekly rotation of meals.  Steak makes me feel so good.  I’m avoiding dairy and I know I need to work more vitamin C into my diet too.  Still working on that.  But yep, that’s my goal.

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My goal: make this be true.

And just because I reference him (and he’s my favorite Avenger):

Image result for iron man
Yes, I have seen Endgame.

Continue to not be depressed

This is my main motivation for taking my health seriously at all.  My mom and I were talking about it the other day after I had been slightly down for a few days (I ran out of my sunshine pill [Vitamin D] for a week and it was harder to stay up than I thought it would be.)  I said “aren’t you glad I’m not like this all the time anymore?”  And she said “Yes!  You are so not the same person you were a year ago, even before the breakup.”  When I was a bit more down that week my mentor was like “I’m so proud of you!  You are doing fantastic compared to what you were like!” So I guess even when I’m down, I’m not doing as bad as I think I am.

I am truly thankful for how well I can handle life now!  Things that would have caused major setbacks and crashes a year ago are blips on the radar now.  I never thought I’d be able to handle a high-stress job for 40+ hours a week, yet here I am.  This fall things are going to get even crazier because I’m directing a show at our area community theater.  So far I’m still like “why am I doing this again?” but I don’t doubt that I can do it.  Sure, I still take 10 pills every morning (I counted them this morning) and yes, I cried myself to sleep on Mother’s Day because my deep longing to be a mother could not be stifled any longer on that day, but those are moments, not life.  Life now is light, and laughter, and hugs, and satisfaction of doing a job well, and dreams that I realize may never come true, but sometimes having dreams come true isn’t the point of dreaming.  Life now is savoring the moments, trusting that God has a plan for me, learning to rest on His promises, and having peace with where I’m at right now.

Well, that’s only three things on my ‘vision board.’  Iron Man made an appearance, so I’m pretty satisfied with it.  I know I could think of more things to put on here: improve my sleep habits, do yoga more often, cut out all sugar (I’m pretty minimal on my sugar intake anyway), etc., but I’m alright with focusing on these three.  Keep it simple, sweetheart, right?

Do you have a health vision board?  What’s on it?  If you want to share it.  If you don’t, that’s ok too.  I probably will share this with the group because I want 250 points this week and I’m too lazy/don’t have time to do anything else!


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