Hello and Merry Christmas, dear friends! I hope that this season finds you well, or better, or on the way to being better.

I am enjoying this season so much! I don’t know if it’s just the contrast from last year to this year, but it has been a wonderful time of the year, starting all the way back in November until today. And it’s not over yet – due to family schedules we’re not opening presents until New Year’s Day! This is like, the 54 days of Christmas.

It has not been all mistletoe and eggnog, lest you look at me and are like “oh, she’s got her life all together now – great job, fantastic family, and awesome boyfriend.” My job is great – but it’s new. New jobs suck. The first two weeks of any job are the worst. Just today I daydreamed for about two minutes about going and getting a degree in CAD so I could go get my old job back and do what I actually loved there. I’m not going to do that, because my new job will be pretty good, once I get it all figured out and stuff starts happening. It’s very different. And yes, I’ve spent a good deal of time down about it this month. Realizing why has helped immensely. Knowing that I’m struggling mentally because of being a job where I don’t feel like I know anything or I’m good at anything yet has probably kept me from going any farther down. I found this chart on Pinterest:

Wellness color code chart

I realized I’m at dark blue. It’s taking me a bit longer to cope, but I’m alright. The job is getting better already. It’s just lonely right now, but part of my job description is to change that, so…

My boyfriend is still wonderful, but it hasn’t been all sparkly lights and candy canes there either. Life. Ugh. He had really bad stomach flu and I had a really bad cold, so germs have kept us apart for quite a bit the last month. We decided to not put the pressure of holidays with each other’s families on us this year, so he’s with his family for Christmas and I’m with mine and we’ll have our own little Christmas sometime together. It’s new, which is very much butterflies and smiles for no reason, and also learning a new person and getting used to different ways of thinking and doing things. He is so sweet and generous and kind. I really like him.

And my family is good! We’ve been to several concerts this season and took our first family vacation down to Branson where we spent two magical days at Silver Dollar City over Thanksgiving. Yesterday we went to a lovely candlelight service at church and sang wonderful carols reminding us that Jesus is the reason for the season and His coming was the best gift ever. Today is kind of a low-key day; we cleaned this morning and then my dad and brother watched the best Christmas movie ever. Yes. Die Hard. I’ve never seen it and I kind of wanted to, but I also needed to shower, so cleanliness trumped Bruce Willis saving Christmas this time. That’s the premise of the movie, right? My four-year-old niece and I painted our toenails together, so our toes are ready for Christmas now. Now there’s new Lego sets to put together and games to play and then all my aunts and uncles are coming over tonight and it will be good.

Last year Christmas was rough. My aunt and uncle actually came down to my room where I had been sitting and crying for most of the day and eventually coaxed me out to join the festivities. This year, I have so much to do and be thankful for! I want to make a saran-wrap ball full of goodies to unwrap with oven mitts at the party tonight and my sister just came down to tell me she won at checkers, and for my 9 month-old-nephew to laugh at me while he grabbed my nose, and to ask if I could come take my sister and brother-in-law’s anniversary picture. Their anniversary was earlier this month but things get away from us sometime!

So, I’d better go get back to it, but I wanted to take some time to wish you all a Merry Christmas, to give a little snapshot of life now, and to remind you that life will probably get better. Thank you all for reading!

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